The graduate must be:

1) a professional qualified to direct choirs, orchestras and other instrumental or mixed groups.

2) know a wide vocal and instrumental repertoire and be able to direct works of diverse styles, languages, periods and trends.

3) have deep knowledge of vocal and instrumental technique, as well as the characteristics of each instrument or instrumental or vocal group

4) demonstrate music reading, auditory recognition and score reduction skills. You will be trained in teamwork with leadership and communication skills.

5) have extensive knowledge of the possibilities offered by technology.

6) know the interpretive tradition of the genres specific to their field of activity, with the ability to critically evaluate and contribute to their evolution


7) be trained in the exercise of analysis and musical thinking, as well as to transmit it orally or in writing, and have a solid methodological and humanistic training that will help you in the research task related to the exercise of your profession.