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Master in Music Research

Enroll in the Master in Musical Research, the only master's degree on the market focused mainly on research into current music, which offers training related to the study of music as an artistic discipline.

Specialize in analyzing the music environment today and proposing innovative solutions that will allow you to carry out a research project delving into the industry, development and communication of the world of music.

In addition, it will allow you to learn about the most current tools used in the creation and development of music, as well as discover new musical research environments that lead to innovative communicative, teaching and creative projects.



New entry profile and access routes to the title

The Master is focused on students with the following entry profile:

· Graduates graduated from any degree from the Higher Conservatories of Music.

· Degree in Music, Arts or Humanities.

· Researchers in artistic disciplines.

· Professionals in the music environment (with a higher degree).

· Musicologists.

The Master in Musical Research grants the student an official degree issued by the European University of Madrid. The objective is to train highly qualified professionals in the field of musical research. In the distance modality, passing any subject is subject to passing the corresponding final face-to-face tests.