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Degree in musicology

The main objective of the degree in Music is to offer you extensive musical training so that you adapt to the multiple and rich musical spaces that are generated in today's society. You will delve into the study of music at a humanistic level. You will acquire a solid and versatile interdisciplinary training, training you mainly in music teaching in the educational context, in musical research and in cultural management and communication.

The contents are very focused on musical practice, it has a very contemporary approach and adapted to current musical news today. You will take subjects from the humanistic branch such as musical history and thought, anthropology of music, sociology and urban popular music. You will also acquire a solid background in musical heritage, management and culture, musical analysis, music therapy, psychology, neuroscience and technology.

You can specialize in our specialization in Music Therapy and Musical Education. Our degree in musicology has a 90% employability rate.